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What are your cheap tricks for boosting motivation and morale?

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Times are tough and employees are getting tired of doing more with — and for — less than they have in the past. Still, employers don’t have the money to hire more people, hand out bonuses or hike salaries. So what are they doing? The answer, as reported in The Wall Street Journal this week, is getting creative and finding cheap perks to cheer employees on. These perks run from free thank yous to inexpensive gift cards. I find it refreshing to learn that in spite of some legitimately tough times, there are employers who are making an effort to do what they can to show staff members that the company appreciates their hard work. It would be easy to say — and I’m sure plenty of employers do — “just be grateful you have a  job.” But that isn’t nice and isn’t helpful at a time when we all need to work together to pull through. I’m glad some people are doing what they can to show a little appreciation for a job well done and for extra effort in these difficult times.

What inexpensive means are you using to thank and motivate your employees? If the answer is that you aren’t doing anything different, do you think you should be?

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