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What we learned Monday in communication

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Today was the first full day of “Communication,” a weeklong blog series  co-hosted by SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Leadership and the folks at Switch & ShiftKeep track of the series here and check out our daily e-mail newsletter, SmartBrief on Leadership. Don’t subscribe? Sign up.

Remote teams, bridging generational differences and preferences, the art of listening, ensuring your message is heard (and you’ve heard theirs), communicating strategy, being honest while being polite — these are all areas of communication in which we regularly fall short, particularly at work but also elsewhere.

These topics are not entirely dissimilar, but they are rarely treated together or in an intensive manner. And that’s partly while we’re spending a week at SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Leadership and at Switch & Shift talking about all the types of communication we’re not doing well enough. Please let us know in the comments how we’re doing or drop me an e-mail.

Here’s what SmartBrief and Switch & Shift posted today: