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What you missed at the Winter 2011 Fancy Food Show

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Did you miss out on the French cheeses, Italian pastas and other specialty goods at the Winter 2011 Fancy Food Show? Here are a few highlights:

A San Francisco pastry chef describes the magnitude of the event, including more than 90 cookie companies, 175 businesses selling chocolate and 1,300 food companies.

The trend: Biscuits for cheese and sweet-potato product
Will it be around next year?: Water used as a palate cleanser between courses

YumSugar included some candies worth discovering in this slideshow:

Eater refuses to look too deep for the trends and just gives its most outrageous finds, including vegan seafood, cookies to pair with wines, kale chips and hemp cheese.

What was your favorite product from the show? Leave a comment.

Are you attending the Summer Fancy Food Show? Make sure to say hi!

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