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When authenticity isn’t a choice

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At SmartBrief on Social Media, we’ve featured many articles about the importance of authenticity on social networks — and a lot of them make it sound like it’s a daunting task, as if we needed to work really hard to truly be ourselves online. But new research suggests that authenticity is something people achieve naturally. In other words, you actually have to try not to be authentic.

Does that mean you can just show up in a social space and post the first thing that comes to mind? Not exactly. Try thinking of your social presence as a job interview that never ends. You’re never going to get ahead by trying to be something you’re not — your mother was right about that. But you do get to decide which parts of yourself you’ll emphasize. Pick something that’s undeniably awesome about yourself (or your brand) and make that your cornerstone. Craft a social presence that’s all about the real you in the best possible light.

What are you emphasizing about yourself on social media?

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