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While You Were Working – April 27

PayPal looks ahead, Wall Street and regional banks not wowed by Trump, but hedge funds and bond vigilantes might be

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Dan Shulman

PayPal boss Dan Shulman guides the disruptor into its next phase - Photo credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

PayPal still charting its next course

As arguably the first FinTech disruptor of the internet era, PayPal has been around long enough to see other “revolutionary” companies come and go. The company has pushed to evolve in recent years as evidenced by the launch of Venmo, which has been a hit with younger consumers.

This Wall Street Journal piece looks at the challenges PayPal now faces in trying to turn the growth Venmo has spurred into increased profitability. Time will tell, but I am betting that PayPal will figure it out.

Wall Street weighs in on Trump tax plan

Analysts far and wide were keen to get a look at President Trump’s plan for tax reform yesterday. When they did, their response was pretty uniform: Meh. On the other hand, hedge fund honchos let out a hopeful Yippee!

The people who can make Trump pay (maybe)

Whatever becomes of the Trump administration long-term economic plans, there is one group of people who might be waiting until the time is right to exercise their own unique brand of control over policy making: Bond vigilantes.

Regional banks aren’t enjoying a Trump bump

The commercial and industrial lending many assumed would rev up under the Trump administration has not yet left the starting line. In fact, it might be headed back in the locker room. 13 of the 15 largest regional banks missed analysts’ estimates for loan growth in Q1. Total loans declined by about $10 billion, the first such drop in lending in four years.

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