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While You Were Working – June 12

Big banks battle Venmo, Mike Mayo finds a home, Peer pressure from Google on rooftop solar

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Big banks rolled out their countermeasure to Venmo

A consortium of some of the biggest banks in the US is set to launch a person-to-person payment tool aimed at the business currently occupied by offerings like Venmo. The tool, known as Zelle, will allow users to transfer funds instantaneously to recipients. Zelle is the banking industry’s response to Venom, which is owned by Paypal, and payments offerings from the likes of Google, Apple and Facebook.

Mike Mayo ended his free-agency

The former rock star analyst who saw his job evaporate when the Chinese owners of CSLA shuttered their US operations has finally found a new home: Wells Fargo.

Google opted for peer pressure to push solar adoption

Google has unveiled a new tool that it thinks might drive increased adoption of rooftop solar panels. Project Sunroof is the company’s new tool that educates users on the adoption of rooftop solar panels right down to the street level.

“One of the best predictors of whether people install solar panels on their house isn’t their age, their race, their level of income, or their political affiliation.

It’s whether their neighbors did it first.

This finding has been shown repeatedly across space and time, including in California, Connecticut, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.”

I wonder if the same predictors apply to things like hybrid or electric cars?

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