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While You Were Working – June 22

Stress tests prove to be not so stressful, George Clooney toasts to a cool $1 billion, and green bonds feel some growing pains

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Neither Wall Street nor George Clooney have much to stress about. - Phot credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images

The Federal Reserve’s stress tests proved pretty easy

Now that the results of the Fed’s stress tests are in and all the banks passed, it remains a mystery why policymakers seem to be clamoring to make the tests even easier. How can they be soooooo hard whenever everyone passes them!

Green bonds discovered maturity problems

And by maturity problems, I mean green bonds have grown popular enough that the novelty has worn off. Investors want returns and they wants ways of assuring the bonds are compliant. Organizations like Bloomberg, S&P Global and LuxFlag are working on ways to standardize the sector. These kinds fo growing pains are good problems to have. However, keep in mind that first comes standardization, then comes regulation.

Opacity continued in China

Fund managers are set for some fun in China. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times: I think they have accounting standards in China. Maybe. And I am not the only one who is concerned about the way corporations operate over there … so is the China Banking Regulatory Commission!

All the right Casamigos

Just in case George Clooney didn’t have enough going for him, he and some buddies just sold the tequila label they started 4 years ago for $1 billion. That is billion with a B. Salud Jorge!

Africa’s got Beautiful Game talent

In the spirit of the Confederations Cup taking place in Russia (Spoiler alert: Germany and Chile tied 1-1), here is a story about how young African footballers are not only making their way into professional leagues around the world, but also into top colleges in the US. More power to them.

WYWW Appetizers

  • Bloomberg’s editorial board offered this opinion about the Fed’s stress tests.
  • This sounds like a noble initiative from the SEC.
  • Like Boeing, Ford and all the other corporate Friends of Trump before them, Carrier is moving jobs abroad.