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While You Were Working – March 16

Sun sets on FIA Boca, SEC readies T+2, Deutsche Bank on FinTech and FINRA lobbying dips

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Deutsche Bank

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Acting CFTC Chairman Christopher Giancarlo finished his Boca tour de force

Capping what has been quite a week, Acting CFTC Chairman Christopher Giancarlo joined Anthony Crudele on the Futures Radio Show to share more of his insights on the markets and the regulatory road that lies ahead for the industry.

The SEC prepped for T+2 settlement cycle

Industry efforts to shorten the settlement cycle for securities trades from 3 days to 2 days have been underway for years. Now the SEC is set to vote to adopt the rule.

Deutsche Bank did a deep dive on FinTech 2.0

FinTech has experienced dramatic changes in the last couple of years. Many large financial services firms have acquired startups and folded them into their operations. However, Deutsche Bank says there is still room for improvement in the payments space. Deutsche Bank blatantly calls for better collaboration between legacy banks and disruptors and says the biggest lesson banks can learn from smaller startups is to prioritize the customer experience over other concerns like cost savings.

FINRA spent less on lobbying

To outside observers, FINRA has to be an odd entity to understand. As a self-regulatory organization it is tasked with monitoring brokers, but then it also does a fair amount of lobbying. A regulator that lobbies. And apparently it spent a little less money last year doing just that.

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