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Why you shouldn’t buy followers on Twitter

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Many people think there’s nothing wrong with buying fake followers. But there are more than a few good reasons why buying a bunch of fake followers is the wrong move for your brand in the long run.

  1. It will damage your brand’s credibility and your professional credibility.
  2. Twitter says they monitor inactive or suspicious accounts and eliminate them after 3 or 4 months. As a result, more than 70% of the accounts will be invalidated at some point. This means that your number of followers will decrease drastically, raising suspicion. In most cases, this will have a negative effect on your brand.
  3. People looking into your followers will see the incoherence. Interns at my agency checked out more than 200 accounts that were thought to be fake. They noticed that fake accounts usually had biographies that made no sense, used preset profile images and listed interests and objectives that weren’t in line with the target audience of the accounts they were following.
  4. The effect of such followers on your reach or engagement will amount to nothing as such accounts are usually inactive (they’re not even spamming accounts).
  5. Certain consultants and clients hide the purchase of fake followers under the disguise of ‘campaigns’. In theory, it doesn’t look like you’re buying followers, but in practice you’re no smarter than others. We know what you’re up to!

What other reasons can you come up with to defend why you shouldn’t buy followers on Twitter?

This guest post was written by Isra Garcia.