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Pop quiz #1: Tesla and brand loyalty – and robotaxis; trucks safer than Ford F-150s.

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Any news is good news, right? The chaos surrounding Tesla continuously stirs, as a. Tesla board gets pushback on compensation denial, b. Tesla shares wobble, c. Cybertruck’s flaws are starting to get magnified. That’s 3 and we could go on. In fact, let’s see how you do with two more Tesla questions in this transportation-tech-related pop quiz:

1. Tesla’s Elon Musk claims that robotaxis have the potential to be the main revenue generator for the company, over anything that the company is doing now. What was one potential name that Musk suggested for the robotaxis?

2. OK, another one about Tesla, which took four of the top spots in a loyalty rankings report from S&P Global Mobility, including “Overall Loyalty to Make.” Tesla was edged out by which other competitor in the “Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer” category?

3. After stopping production a few weeks ago, Ford has restarted F-150 Lightning production. What truck, though, is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety calling No. 1 in regard to safety in a new report?

4. Public trust in autonomous vehicles is still an elusive prize. Fill in the blank on this quote from Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety President Cathy Chase: “The way you build trust is to be ______.”

5. Mercedes-Benz claims delivery of the first SAE Level 3 car for the US market. What Germany-based carmaker announced it wants skin in the ADAS game and has signed on with Applied Intuition?

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