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Top 10: Whole Foods' trend predictions, PPP and food retailer rankings

From drive-thrus and curbside pickup to food trends and Paycheck Protection Program loans, this week’s top news touched on multiple facets of the industry, a sign of how much is truly going on in these times.

Lamb options in the meat case feed consumer cravings for more variety
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US consumers are cooking at home more than ever, and grass-fed lamb is a versatile, nutritious protein with endless culinary possibilities. Adding lamb to the meat case can appeal to shoppers looking to shake up their routine.

Restaurants encourage employees, customers to vote and make plans to feed people at the polls

Election Day is quickly approaching, and restaurants are participating in initiatives to encourage people to cast their ballots and help provide food for voters waiting in long lines.

California’s wine industry weathers a record wildfire season

California's wine industry faced a double whammy in 2020 as a record wildfire season hit amid the pandemic.

What’s trending for the future of food?

Food and beverage manufacturers should focus on health-forward options to capitalize on the future of food trends.

Gut check: Consumers choose trusted brands when shopping for meat
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Buying from brands that align with their values is especially important to today’s consumers, and retailers can boost sales by sharing information that helps create an emotional connection between brands and shoppers.

Sharing sweetness on social media can give a boost to off-premises dessert sales
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Offering individually wrapped desserts can help entice customers to add a treat to their takeout order, and encouraging customers to share their sweets on social media can help spread the word.

How to prep your meat case for the holiday season and the new year
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Consumers’ needs at the meat case are evolving amid the pandemic, and the increased emphasis on home cooking will shape shopping lists during the holidays and into the new year.

Fun flavors and packaging solutions turn pantry staples into smart school meals
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Using staple ingredients to create globally-inspired meals and sauces opens up a whole new world of flavor for school foodservice, and portable packaging solutions make it easy to distribute meals to students.

Top 10: 25 CPG innovations and 3 new McDonald’s pastries

Food makers innovated this year to meet changing consumer needs and McDonald's put new pastries on the permanent menu.

Things we miss: New interests, changing values amidst the pandemic

There are many things we pretty much took for granted prior to the pandemic, some of which we thought were worth noting, since we miss them and — hopefully — we aren't always going to have to live like this.

Food retailers set their sights on equality

How are food retailers approaching issues related to racial and gender equity?

Top 10: Halloween safety, restaurant relief bill, Prime Day discounts

SmartBrief’s most-clicked list of food and beverage stories this week also included news of how the Glass Fire in California is affecting the wine industry.

How the pandemic is shaping home cooking trends

As the coronavirus pandemic presses on, consumers have settled into routines that involve a lot more home cooking, and studies suggest these habits will continue after the pandemic.

How food halls are equipped to weather COVID-19

As the foodservice and hospitality industries begin reopening, food halls are demonstrating how they will survive the coronavirus pandemic.