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Resilience, innovation will help the restaurant industry rebuild

New technologies and the resilient spirit at the heart of the foodservice industry will help restaurants bounce back, The National Restaurant Association’s Tom Bené said during a virtual conference session.

Case ready meat packaging helps retailers increase assortment while reducing labor costs
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Case ready meat offerings cut down on waste and labor for retailers and give shoppers an easy solution for tonight’s dinner or stocking the freezer.

The state of sustainability during COVID-19 in the food industry

What are foodservice and CPG businesses doing to maintain environmental responsibility, even in the middle of a pandemic?

Top 10: A candy redesign, Walmart’s omnichannel push, zucchini carpaccio

Top news this week from Walmart, Wegmans, Ferrero and more

The role of functional food and beverage in the era of COVID-19

To boost immunity and overall health and wellness within the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are increasingly seeking out functional food and beverage products that they believe might aid in the body’s defenses.

Is the world getting close to its first taste of cultured meat?

Cultured meat startups won bigger investments in 2019 as they worked to make their products affordable and accessible.

Top 10: Post-pandemic restaurant ideas, Kroger’s robotic warehouse, revamped chocolate chips

SmartBrief readers were interested in what foodservice will look like after coronavirus as well as Kroger’s robot-powered fulfillment center and a brand-new shape for chocolate chips.

How hotels are keeping travelers, employees safe

With the world adjusting and responding to the pandemic, major companies, such as Marriott and Hyatt, are working with top health experts to ensure the safety of their guests and employees

What do today’s grocery shoppers want from seafood?

Opportunities abound for food retailers looking to ramp up seafood sales.

Top 10: Mondelez makes growth plans, Trader Joe’s to rebrand ethnic lines

Mondelez plans to feed pandemic-era demand for comfort food, Trader Joe's will rebrand its ethnic food lines in response to demand.

Supplier communication boosts chef's confidence about what's on the menu
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Communicating with suppliers provides insights into the supply chain that let Chicago chef Guy Meikle feel good about what he’s serving and pass along that confidence to customers.

How comfort food brands can chart a course for post-pandemic growth

As consumers continue to cook at home more amid the pandemic, pantry staples, frozen meals and comfort foods have an opportunity to grow their relevance.

Top 10: Restaurant-inspired chip flavors, addressing the nation's change shortage

This week, readers were interested in Mondelez cutting 25% of its products and Americans loving fluffy Japanese milk bread.

Meal kit industry shines during pandemic

Customers have been drawn to the convenience, reliability, variety and quality provided by meal kit services during stay-at-home order across the US.