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26 links to catch you up on everything Steve Ballmer

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There are three broad conclusions about Steve Ballmer’s tenure as Microsoft CEO, which will come to an end within 12 months.

The most negative is illustrated by his being laughably wrong about the iPhone and is bolstered by instant or slow-burning failures in phones (the Kin) and tablets (Surface). A pragmatist would counter by noting that the company under Ballmer more than tripled sales, doubled profits and found minor successes (such as the XBox) while preserving enterprise and services profits. Finally, the “glass is half-full” observers might note that while Microsoft’s market value is a fraction of what it was when he took over, the same can be said for most of the giants of 2000 amid a tech bubble.

Ballmer’s legacy will include all these things, and we haven’t even gotten to the thorny questions of who will run Microsoft next and what the company’s future holds. Here’s a brief guide to what’s out there (Editor’s note: Updated to add names of sources next to links):

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