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5 benefits of an online MBA

Thinking of getting your MBA? Why you should consider an online program.

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5 benefits of an online MBA


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Are you looking to boost your skill set or transition into a new career? An online MBA may be the key to achieving your goals.

In fact, the Online College Students 2018: Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences report found that 74 percent of online college students enroll in online degree programs for career reasons. Importantly, this research also shows that 85 percent of students who participated in both in-person and virtual classrooms felt that online learning was as good as – or better than – attending courses on campus.

Benefits of an Online MBA

There is a myriad of reasons why an online MBA is a preferred option for many professionals:

  1. Work while you learn. On-campus programs may require you to take time off from your job – and your salary – to complete your studies. Online programs allow you to stay in your current position as you work toward graduation. This is a critical benefit to candidates who don’t want or can’t afford to leave their jobs to pursue an advanced degree.
  2. Tailor your education around your life. An online MBA program means flexibility. You can blend your academic load and schedule with the other demands in your life, such as work, family, and community service. No need to show up to a set location for your classes. Online MBA programs let you tune in to lectures and group sessions from any location. This is especially valuable for those who travel for work frequently.
  3. Accelerate your studies. Traditional programs take two years to complete. With an online option, you can take courses year-round and earn your degree in less time. At King University you can earn your MBA in 16 months. That’s a crucial advantage for candidates on a fast-track or who simply want to get to the next phase of their careers more quickly.
  4. Boost your earning and career potential. Pursuing your MBA has serious ROI. Students of top online programs reported salary bumps, promotions, or new jobs during or after the program.
  5. Get deeper knowledge on your field. Many online MBA programs offer concentrations that allow you to strengthen your knowledge of your field. King University Online, for instance, offers 11 MBA concentrations, including human resources, project management, and healthcare, among others.

Whether you’re a mid-career professional or an on-the-rise employee, an online MBA may provide the best path to achieving your career goals. Investigate online options that specialize in functional areas you want to master or the industry expertise you want to develop.

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