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Marketing experts share their 2023 trends

Experts from across the marketing spectrum share their insights for what marketers should plan for in 20232.

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As the fourth quarter of 2022 approaches, marketing communications pros already are planning for 2023. To help you out, we asked pros with a range of marketing perspectives what they saw in their 2023 crystal ball.

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Be nimble

Tiffany Froy

Vice President of Marketing, PureRED

With the changing economy and as consumer behaviors continue to shift out of the COVID-19 mindset, flexibility is key. The ability to be nimble and pivot marketing plans will help reach the consumer as they too are navigating a landscape of inflation, supply chain disruptions and uncertainty.

The key to being nimble is to have the correct planning tools in place to allow a marketing plan to shift quickly while still meeting key goals and KPIs. Leaving space and budget within your planning cycle is key in making sure you are able to keep up with the ever-changing environment. 

Metaverse will be experiential

Ginger Shimp

Global Content Lead for Industries & Sustainability, SAP SE

You are likely familiar with the ancient Indian parable about the six blind men and the elephant. Each perceives the elephant differently depending on which part each one touches. None is wrong, but each has a different experience.

So it is with the metaverse: Some see it as a new decentralized world. Some see it as the next generation of the web or gaming. Some see it as an immersive place for virtual and augmented reality. Others have already exploited it for financial gain using cryptocurrency or nonfungible tokens.

Smart marketers will recognize that the unifying factor is that the metaverse will be experiential. It will go beyond simple transactions or an exchange of information, to be a place where you spend time.

For that reason, marketers must focus on telling more satisfying stories that appeal to the heart as much as the head.

Prioritize shopper marketing

Teresa Aprile

CEO and co-founder, Brandcrush

To drive growth in 2023, marketers should prioritize shopper marketing to engage and influence the omnichannel consumer on their path to purchase. Shopper marketing focuses on getting through to a consumer when it truly matters most in their online or offline journey — right at the point of purchase.

Today’s shopper is omnichannel, forcing brand marketers to align in-store and online marketing efforts. Despite e-commerce growth, in-store sales still account for over 50% of sales across all retail categories, with grocery still sitting higher, at upwards of 80% of a shopper’s journey.

Brand marketers continue to shift dollars towards retailer media channels for deeper customer engagement and lower customer acquisition costs (CACs). Shopper marketing helps marketers accelerate brand growth by increasing conversion rates and maximizing their return on advertising spend.

The focus to align in-store and offline marketing efforts is driving a need for a complete 360-degree view of the customer and a consolidated approach to media across the retailer’s ecosystem.

Podcasts for sound audience targeting

Brittany Bearden

PR manager, Otter PR

Podcasts will become a more important part of any media strategy. According to BuzzSprout, podcast listeners have grown by close to 30% in the past three years. 

Not only is the audience for podcasting growing, but smart marketers are realizing that podcasts are an excellent way to reach a niche audience. Podcasts may not have the same size of audience as some of the more traditional forms of broadcasting, but the people who listen to a show are truly interested in the topic of that show, meaning that podcast guests are reaching their target audience. 

I would suggest doing research on the topic you want to speak about to find podcasts in that niche and reaching out to those shows with a well-crafted pitch that demonstrates what you could offer as a guest on that show.

(Note: This story was originally published on Jan. 11, 2022, and updated on Sept. 16, 2022.)

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