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Andy’s Answers: 3 reasons to thank your social media fans

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Showing your appreciation for your customers’ support isn’t just a nice thing to do — it’s a word-of-mouth-marketing opportunity. It’s amazing what a retweet, a Facebook share or a simple shout-out can do for your word-of-mouth when you say “thanks” to your social fans. Here are three reasons.

  • Your fans will be surprised: Companies spend a lot of time worrying about negative word-of-mouth and what to do with it. But unfortunately, not many put that much effort into handling positive feedback. Show your customers some appreciation for their recommendations, and you’ll surprise and delight them.
  • A lot of people will see it: When your social media fans say something cool about your business, retweet them, share it and thank them. While you’re showing everyone else you’re responsive and you care, you’re also calling more attention to your fan’s positive review.
  • You’ll have another opportunity to connect: A great thank you is an opportunity to get your business back on your fans’ minds and earn their word-of-mouth. And if you do it in a remarkable way, it will give them one more reason to say nice things about you.

Have you thanked your fans lately?