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Andy’s Answers: 3 ways to rally your fans

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One of the best ways to generate a ton of great word of mouth and to create a bunch of fresh topics is to find a way to rally your fans. Your biggest supporters live for opportunities to get together and share their enthusiasm for you. But to make it happen, you’ve got to give them a reason to assemble.

What to do:

  • Host a big event. Think more “pilgrimage,” and less “conference.” Think more “Sturgis,” and less “banquet hall.” Make it an event that supercharges your fans’ enthusiasm and gives them something to talk about.
  • Start a group project. Create a project that everyone can participate in, add to and make awesome. Examples include testing beta versions of your products, collaborating on a better user manual than whatever you already have, or just-for-fun stuff like recipe books and photo-murals.
  • Start a cause. Nothing brings a group of people together like overcoming a common challenge. Start a worthy cause or join an existing one, help make the world a little better, and enjoy some great word of mouth in the process.