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Andy’s Answers: Get word of mouth in less than one minute a day

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Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t take expensive, time-consuming campaigns to create great word of mouth about you. Rather, some of the best word of mouth comes from the simplest and quickest of techniques. In fact, there’s lots of things you can do in less than one minute a day without spending a dime.

What to do:

  • Use Twitter to announce deals. Through @DellOutlet, Dell is able to quickly reach out to their fans with exclusive Twitter-only deals. In what takes almost no time, Dell is quickly shares insider information to their more than 100,000 followers.
  • Reach out to existing groups. You’ve probably already got a group talking about you on Facebook or online forums; reach out to them with a simple coupon or show of appreciation.
  • Comment on a fan’s blog. When you see someone writing something nice about you, say thanks by leaving a quick comment. It’s not only a quick, nice gesture for the fan, but it also shows everyone else who reads it that you’re listening.