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Andy’s Answers: How can I get more people talking about me on Twitter?

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Twitter is a great place to test content ideas and word-of-mouth topics. There, conversations move fast, groups of potential talkers are diverse and it’s acceptable to try little experiments to see what works.

Whether you’re getting started or looking to boost buzz about what you’re doing, there are a few simple steps you can take.

Here are a few ideas to try.

  • Share other people’s content. This is counterintuitive to a lot of marketers, but to make your Twitter stream more interesting, it’s important to share content from people other than you. In testing this, social media strategist Mack Collier saw a significant increase in traffic when he mixed in tweets promoting his content with tweets promoting others’.
  • Pay attention to timing. Did you know you have the highest odds of getting a retweet at 5 p.m.? That you can get a higher click-through rate by tweeting one to four times per hour? Of course, it all depends on your talkers, but you’d be amazed at how much research is available to help you get more people sharing your Twitter content.
  • Share behind-the-scenes stuff. Try tweeting photos, videos and links to content that fans don’t normally get to see. Fans who actively follow you on Twitter are doing so because they want more than the stuff you share on your website and blog, so this is your chance to give it to them.