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Andy’s Answers: How can I overcome the chocolate problem?

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Chocolate is delicious, we all love it. But when was the last time you ate some and immediately told your friends about it? It’s generally a fantastic product, but it rarely inspires us to rush out and tell the world about it. Everyone knows chocolate is great.

The chocolate problem is a frustrating curse that all great products face: How do you keep the conversation flowing once everyone knows how fantastic it is?

How to beat the chocolate problem:

  • The refreshing add-on. Probably the best example of this is with Google Maps. It was great when it first came out, but the conversation quickly slowed. Then came Satellite View (and everyone looked at the top of their house). Now? Street View is still earning buzz.
  • Old products, new topics. You don’t have to invent a new product to overcome your chocolate problem. Sometimes a new topic (a special event, a clever sale or a re-release) can reignite conversations.
  • An alumni group. If your product is timeless, use your age as an asset to create word of mouth. Treat your original fans like valued alumni, throw anniversary events and look for opportunities to help them start conversations with new customers.