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Andy’s Answers: How charity: water makes it easy to rally fans around a cause

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Giving fans a worthy cause to rally behind gives them something inspiring to talk about and recruit their friends to get involved in. Few organizations do this better than charity: water. Their amazing ability to create word of mouth inspired us to select them as our official charity for our Word of Mouth Supergenius conference.

Because we’re bringing together such great WOM talent, we wanted to use the opportunity to do something meaningful — something world changing. So we’re working to raise $50,000 to build 10 wells for 10 great communities. It’s easy to get involved, and every penny goes toward building a well. Learn more here.

And if you’re looking to build word of mouth for something meaningful, take a few pointers from charity: water on how to make it happen:

  • Make it easy to share. If you want to get people talking (about a cause, a product — anything) your first and foremost job is to make it really easy to talk. With simple links inviting you to “Share on Facebook” and “Share on Twitter,” charity: water makes it easy for fans to share their cause with their personal networks.
  • Make it easy to show support. Tough topics often benefit from triggers or other symbols that allow supporters to show support without actually talking about the issue. Charity: water sells tons of gear, including T-shirts, wristbands, ties, and water bottles that fans can purchase to help support both the cause and the conversation about clean water.
  • Make it easy to get a friend involved. For a $20 donation — enough to give clean water to one person for 20 years — charity: water fans can send e-cards to their friends and family, who then get to pick the country to which the donation will be directed. Each card creates not just a conversation among the giver and the recipient, but also among the dozens of other people they tell about it.

To learn more about what charity: water is doing for the world, check out this video: