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Andy’s Answers: How Coca-Cola connects with fans around the world

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As one of the world’s most recognized brands, Coca-Cola has millions of fans around the world — which means millions of conversations (in hundreds of languages) and millions of opportunities to earn new fans and support existing ones.

In his Word of Mouth Supergenius case-study presentation, Adam Brown shared how Coca-Cola is finding the relevant conversations, identifying influencers, and creating content fans love to share. A few of his big ideas:

  • Fans love the fun stuff. During his presentation, Adam shared the most liked, commented on, and retweeted message they have ever posted: “When you open a Coke, 12,607 bubbles are born. Happy birthday bubbles!” It’s not a sales pitch, it’s not a coupon offering, it’s a story — and a fun one at that.
  • Pick your tools and make them great. There are thousands and thousands of mentions of Coke and their brands every day around the Internet, but their focus is on  key social platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. For you, it may just be a couple of networks — but having a few great social media presences is a lot better than having a lot of mediocre ones.
  • Identify and create relationships with your key influencers. Last summer, Adam and his team at Coke launched the 10x6x10 Initiative. They identified the 10 most influential bloggers on six key topics in 10 different parts of the world. The result was a database of about 600 of the most influential people that they could then begin reaching out to to create relationships with.

If you like this presentation, check out our upcoming Word of Mouth Supergenius event in New York on July 20.

Disclosure: Coca-Cola is a Social Media Business Council member (of which I am the CEO). Learn more about it and our members: