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Andy’s Answers: How Hershey’s got BlogHer attendees talking about S’mores

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BlogHer conferences attract a huge number of influential online talkers, a group that brands are always trying to reach.

But at these big conferences, it’s tough to break through the clutter – especially when you’re trying to stay within a tight budget. But at our recent BlogWell, Hershey’s Anna Lingeris explained how they were able to do both. A few of her tips:

  • Look for smart sponsorship opportunities. In addition to sponsoring the event itself, Hershey covered 40 bloggers’ travel from D.C. to New York. The bloggers went on to create a hashtag and dubbed the journey, “The S’Mores Roadtrip to BlogHer.”
  • Give talkers an experience, not just free stuff. Hershey’s didn’t just hand out goody bags. The company also completed an official suite sponsorship with the BlogHer organization. The simple concept allowed attendees to try some snacks and make new friends.
  • Keep it going. Hershey’s kept the #smores chatter going on Twitter after the event by continuing to use the hashtag to drive conversations about National S’mores Day a few weeks later.

Watch the case study:

And if you like this presentation, be sure to check out our upcoming BlogWell events in Austin, Texas,  New York City, and Washington, D.C.

Correction: This item originally incorrectly stated Hershey’s sponsorship activities at the BlogHer conference. Hershey completed an official suite sponsorship with the BlogHer organization and also sponsored travel on Amtrak for 40 bloggers to New York City from Washington, D.C., that the bloggers titled “The S’mores Roadtrip to BlogHer.” SmartBrief regrets the errors.