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Andy’s Answers: How Honda created a love affair with its fans

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Customer dedication and devotion are essential to any company’s bottom line. Surprising and delighting those fans who are devoted to your brand is just as important as responding to negative feedback. Honda decided to take its customers’ positive feedback and energize its fan-base with the “Honda Loves You Back” campaign.

Alicia Jones, national manager of Honda and Acura social marketing, says that it’s important to love your fans back and let them know that you are listening to them. She discusses how sharing customers’ stories and communicating them in an unique way has helped strengthen brand loyalty and the company’s commitment to its customers.

Here are some key points from her presentation at’s BlogWell conference in Chicago:

  • Reciprocate the love: Honda understood the importance of its fan’s love and loyalty to its brand and chose to showcase this buzz by loving them back. They offered fans and customers free massages, car washes and customized responses — and even celebrated holidays with them.
  • Be a listener: Honda realized that customers’ stories were actually Honda’s stories, too. They understood that fantastic word of mouth conversations were out there and that they needed to hone in on those that were real and authentic to the brand.
  • Amplify your customers’ word of mouth: Honda showcased customer stories that resonated with the brand. For example, they gave back to “Million Mile Joe” (a customer who was about to drive his Honda on its millionth mile) and Monster’s Calling Home (an indie band who filmed an entire music video in a Honda) by allowing their stories to speak for themselves.

Check out Alicia’s presentation below. The slides are available for download.

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