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Andy’s Answers: How Monster is using social media to pay it forward

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With global research in more than 40 countries, Monster found many people are not only underemployed but also afraid to look for another job (even if their current one isn’t great). And since Monster is all about connecting people with jobs, it found this as an amazing opportunity to help its social media fans find something better.

In her presentation at‘s BlogWell conference, Kathy O’Reilly shares how Monster is using #FindBetter to inspire people to help out one another in search of a better job. She also explains how the company has integrated that campaign into traditional marketing and e-mail marketing to reach an even bigger audience.

  • Put the spotlight on your fans: O’Reilly’s team quickly realized that people were sharing amazing content in their #FindBetter conversations on Twitter and Facebook. To share those great blog posts and infographics, Monster curated the top five posts of the week and sent them in an e-mail newsletter. The brands’ fans were so delighted to be featured that they shared it with all of their friends, too.
  • Style guides protect your campaign from getting diluted: With #FindBetter earning lots of engagement in social media, some other departments within Monster were trying to jump in on the campaign. And while Monster’s efforts were well-meaning, not all of the content fit the original spirit. O’Reilly says you can help folks out who want to join a campaign by having a thorough style guide in place.
  • Social media can spark hype for traditional media: The #FindBetter global campaign started with a TV ad in the U.K. And although the commercial won’t make it to the U.S. until later this year, O’Reilly’s team has already started tons of conversations for #FindBetter through Twitter and Facebook.

Watch this video to see O’Reilly’s presentation.

If you like this presentation, see more great social media case studies like it live at’s BlogWell conference June 19 in Chicago.