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Andy’s Answers: How Movember’s movement raised more than $100M in 30 days

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Like most great word-of-mouth topics, Movember started out as a fun idea: Thirty guys decided to bring back the mustache for the month of November, and people loved it. But by the next year, they decided to turn this fun idea into a cause, which would become the biggest nongovernment funder of men’s cancer research.

In his presentation at our word-of-mouth marketing conference in Austin, Texas, Kory Klem explained how the Movember movement literally and figuratively “changed the face of men’s health” by asking men to raise money and awareness by growing a mustache and getting donations from their friends and family. He also shared ways they used social media to support their advocates (and earn more than 3.3 million donations).

Some key points from his presentation:

  • Give them a place to form smaller communities. Klem says brotherhood and competition were at the core of the Movember movement. To reflect those attributes online, they created Mo Space, a place where participants could challenge one another on leaderboards, earn badges and create a network with people around them.
  • Give them tools to make talking about you easier. Stuff such as link shorteners, Facebook recruitment applications and mobile applications made a big difference. Having a variety of tools at your disposal makes it easy to invite people to join.
  • Make it fun. Growing a mustache for a cause is lighthearted, yet proactive. It’s the kind of message that spreads much faster and further than traditionally guilt-heavy charity drives.

Learn more about the story behind Movember in Klem’s presentation.

Klem’s slides are available here.

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