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Andy’s Answers: How PEMCO uses social media to connect with local fans

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As an insurance brand based in the Northwest, PEMCO uses its regional identity to create connections with local fans, helping it compete against larger, more national brands.

In his recent BlogWell case study presentation, PEMCO’s Rod Brooks shared a bunch of tips on how to use social media to connect with a local audience. A few of his great ideas:

  • Connect online and offline engagement. Rod and his team sent brand ambassadors out into the community to meet their fans. Social tools helped them identify and organize these fans before inviting them to offline events.
  • Adopt the voice of the customer. Your customers can often say it better than you can. PEMCO started by allowing customers to share reviews and testimonials on their website and now try to put the voice of the customer at the center of every business decision.
  • You can’t break it. PEMCO wouldn’t have had the success they have today in social media had they approached it with extreme caution. Instead, they jumped in, used common sense, tested a bunch of things and discovered a few ideas worth building on.

And if you like this presentation, be sure to check out our upcoming BlogWell in Chicago on Aug. 11.