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Andy’s Answers: How Pfizer created a practical social media playbook for employees

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Embracing social media tools can be tough for big brands. When you’re a big brand in a highly regulated industry, it can seem impossible.

But Pfizer — thanks in large part to Kate Bird and her team — is creating policies and tools that allow departments to engage in social media with confidence, knowing that they’re doing so ethically, transparently and with patient safety as a priority.

In her recent BlogWell presentation, Bird explains how Pfizer created a simple social media playbook to complement its larger, more formal social policy that both employees and upper management could buy in to. A few of her tips on how to do it:

  • Make it readable. Pfizer’s social media playbook is much shorter than its formal policy, uses plain English and features handy charts and graphics that make it easy to digest.
  • Point to the best examples — wherever they come from. Pfizer’s handbook features lots of case studies and examples of Pfizer’s and other companies’ successful social media programs.
  • Give them the tools to stay on brand. With so many parts of the company wanting to create their own social media profiles, Bird and her team created templates for employees to use cost-effectively and within brand guidelines. The social media playbook, for example, points to Pfizer’s branded YouTube templates that teams can use if they want to set up their own channel.

Watch the case study:

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