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Andy’s Answers: How Toyota launched the new Camry through social media

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As the top-selling sedan in America for 13 years in a row, Toyota’s Camry had a problem: Its popularity earned it a reputation for being boring. So with the Camry’s “bold new” redesign, Toyota’s social team developed a campaign to change the conversation.

In her presentation at’s Member Meeting, Toyota Director of Social Media Monica Peterson shares the steps they took to launch the new Camry in social and change their audience’s perceptions.

Here are three key points from her case study:

  • Your campaign objectives need to match your social objectives. To start, Monica’s team aligned their objectives to specific platforms and developed a portfolio for where they would allocate budget and resources to match. Then, they targeted three subcategories of audiences looking for styling, tech or performance.
  • Take advantage of the things people already do naturally. For example, people love to brag about buying a new car on social. So Monica’s team worked with dealers to help them take photos of new car owners with their Camry and email it to them to share with their social followings.
  • Measure what matters. Monica admits that it’s easy for social teams to pay attention to metrics that make them look good but have little impact on the business. She recommends focusing on numbers your C-suite can relate to and understand to help move resources and budget your way.

Watch Monica’s full presentation below:

Check out her presentation deck here.