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Andy’s Answers: How to write a Twitter-worthy headline

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Recently, I wrote about how to write great headlines to help share your stuff on Twitter. If just a few of the right people re-tweet your headline, you can reach tens of thousands of potential new blog readers instantly — meaning you’ve got to write Twitter-ready headlines. Here are my tips, as well as a few ideas from readers. Share yours in the comments below.

What to do:

  • Tell the complete story in the headline. Your headline has to make sense before people click, otherwise they won’t.
  • Use the copywriter’s tricks. Using headline phrases like “3 tips” and “How to” are classic ways smart copywriters get people interested and forwarding their stuff.
  • Keep it short. Not only does your headline need to fit within Twitter’s character limits, but you need to also leave room for the @name of anyone who re-tweets it.

Other tips from readers:

  • Use @names when possible. This helps cross market both your content as well as what you’re talking about (i.e. using your company’s @name when referencing it).
  • Use a URL shortener. While many platforms will automatically shorten your links, services like provide click-through and re-tweet stats.
  • Use it like a real person. Always good advice. These tips are to help you better share your great content, not a shortcut to spam or send shameless, boring promotions.