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Andy’s Answers: How Yahoo! earned 1 million Facebook fans for Yahoo! Movies

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During the past year, Yahoo! has focused on building its footprint in social media. Even though it reaches 700 million people a month with its online properties, this huge traffic and attention weren’t being reflected in the numbers of social media fans.

So to build up communities around Yahoo!’s brands, the company launched a series of campaigns designed to attract and engage specific audiences. At our recent BlogWell conference in San Francisco, Yahoo!’s Robin Zucker walked us through one of the projects for Yahoo! Movies.

Her case study covered the strategy behind the project, how it was done and how it all resulted in a million Facebook fans.

A few of her big ideas:

  • Focus on earning the right fans. Zucker and her team targeted moviegoers for this entire project because they wanted to build a fan base of people who love movies and love going to them. These are the people they want to build a relationship with at Yahoo! Movies.
  • Find a great partner. Yahoo! partnered with Regal Cinemas, which helped promote giveaways and create a “real-world” community experience.
  • Leave room for flexibility. Like all word-of-mouth ideas, you never know how certain ideas are going to play out. Some might not work as well as expected, while others surprise you with how much they catch on. Always leave room to drop something that isn’t working, and double down on what is.

Watch Zucker’s presentation.