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Andy’s Answers: Traits of a great testimonial

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A great testimonial is a fantastic sales tool. A few words from a real fan telling the world how much they love your stuff is better than any clever copy you could come up with.

While kind words from satisfied customers are always welcome, some testimonials are better than others. Great word of mouth marketers know how to create awesome ones.

What to do:

  • Keep it short. Lengthy testimonials get overlooked, especially online. Ask fans to describe you in just a few words, or try asking them for their “Twitter version” of a testimonial.
  • Keep it specific. Ask fans to highlight results in their testimonials. Percentages, numbers, and references to specific product features help potential customers see how great you really are.
  • Keep it trustworthy. The more influential the source of your testimonial, the more powerful it will be. Mixing in a few comments and reviews from established brands will mean a lot to prospective buyers.