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Andy’s Answers: Using social media at a trade show

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While many trade shows are in-person, offline events, there are a number of ways to mix in social media to extend your face-to-face event connections online. While not everyone at the typical trade show will be social media savvy, many of your key influencers with large networks will be.

What to do:

  • Live tweet from the floor. Tweeting from an event is a great way to make new connections as well as share the show with your fans online. Be sure to use the event’s official hashtag or create your own if one isn’t being promoted.
  • Post pictures of visitors online. Take pictures of your booth’s visitors and post them to your blog, Facebook, Flickr, or anywhere else you share photos. They’ll not only connect with you later, but they’ll also show the photos to all their friends.
  • Invite them to join your Facebook group at your booth. Encourage people to connect with you on Facebook (or Twitter or whatever) right from your booth with a laptop set up for people to join on the spot.