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Andy’s Answers: What to look for when hiring for your social media team

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With the explosive growth of social media and the success that companies are having, we’re seeing more and more brands expanding their teams and a whole new set of employee skills emerging. While adding talent to your social media team isn’t much different than doing it for other departments, there are a few special things to consider.

Things to think about:

  • Passion for the brand and what you do is everything. Does the candidate have a clear and demonstrated love for what you stand for and what you’re trying to do? They’re about to be your first impression online, and it’s something you can’t teach.
  • Twitter followers and Facebook friends are overrated. While an understanding of the tools and how to use them effectively is critical, any spammer can amass a couple thousand followers on Twitter.
  • Do they love helping people? Look for the candidates that find joy in helping people and surprising them with fantastic service. They’ll be the first to turn former critics into fans and happy customers into evangelists. (Hint: Ask them if they’ve ever worked in customer service and what they thought of it.)