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Andy’s Answers: What to remember when you’re frustrated and burnt out

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Marketing Strategy

There isn’t a hardworking word-of-mouth marketer out there who doesn’t find themselves frustrated, burnt out and, at times, exhausted.

Fighting the good fight is hard work — but it’s worth it. What to remember when the feeling hits you:

  • You’re making the customer experience better. Working to earn the respect and recommendation of your customers means you’re doing the little things that add up to an amazing experience. It’s the friendly return policies, the unexpected upgrades and the unnecessary thank-you gestures — and we’re all grateful for it.
  • You’re making your company better. Engaging in genuine word-of-mouth requires a commitment to honest, ethical business. Every inch you push toward treating your customers with respect makes your company — from top to bottom — a little better.
  • You’re making the world better. All of your hard work to make your company more open, more transparent and more worthy of a recommendation raises the bar for everyone in your industry. And when whole industries start to embrace the fundamentals of word-of-mouth, big things start to happen.