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Brooke blogs “The Office”: An affair and some souvenirs

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The main storyline on last night’s episode of  “The Office” revolved around the repercussions of Michael revealing that he hooked up with Pam’s mom at Jim and Pam’s wedding and decided to pursue a relationship with her.

Not surprisingly, Pam’s reaction to hearing this is to scream “Oh my God! Oh my God,” then run out of Michael’s office with a long “Noooooooooooooo!” Next we see her screaming in the parking lot, then fighting with her mom via cell phone.  Then she yells at Michael and later Jim, when she finds out he knew first and didn’t tip her off.

Michael’s response is to ask “What is so wrong about me?”

Of course, anyone who has seen five minutes of any episode of the show can likely write a dissertation on that topic, but we won’t go into that.

There have been myriad articles, blogs and discussions devoted to the potential pitfalls of office romances and what companies do to try to keep those to a minimum. But what happens when employees start getting involved with people from their coworkers’ personal lives? This episode shows how that situation can cause workplace drama that companies can’t control via internal policies.

What do you think?

The less-dramatic, but more-likely-to-happen situation on last night’s episode centered on the topic of gifts for coworkers.

When Jim and Pam arrive for their first post-honeymoon day at work Meridith asks Pam “So whadya bring us?”

Pam: “Some candy.”

Meredith: “What else?”

Pam: “That’s it.”

Meredith makes a snarky comment and walks off in a bit of a huff.

Ugh! Does that sound like your office? Is there an unspoken, unofficial expectation that you return from every trip with a souvenir of some sort for your coworkers?

I, for one, absolutely hate this kind of ridiculous expectation. I don’t want to spend my money on some crappy candy or other stupid souvenir that most people won’t appreciate. If I see something that someone would really like, I don’t mind buying that. And I can certainly see how it might be nice to get a little something for someone who may have put in a significant amount of effort covering for you in your absence. Still, I don’t like the elementary-school-like expectation that you have to bring something for everyone or you’re a jerk.

What do you think? Am I a jerk? Tell me here so the whole world can see.

Jealous that I saw last night’s episode and you didn’t? No worries. You can watch it free online.

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