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Brooke blogs “The Office”: Awwwww

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It’s lame, but that’s really my primary thought after last night’s one-hour wedding episode of “The Office.” The sappy girl in me can’t get past the thrill of seeing two great television characters end up together.

While the episode made me squirm in horror more than I care to recall, the wedding was the perfect marriage of touching and funny. Since only few minutes were spent in the office, I’m not sure what serious work lessons can be derived from this episode, but maybe a few life lessons:

  • Whether they’re co-workers, family or friends, don’t invite idiots to your wedding.
  • Don’t travel with only one pair of shoes.
  • Don’t try to do the splits if you don’t have plenty of recent experience doing so.
  • Always have a Plan B — and probably a Plan C, too.

Confused? Catch the episode free online.

Did you learn anything from the office this week? Have you learned anything funny from your wedding or others you’ve attended. Give all of our serious blog readers a TGIF laugh by sharing your stories here.

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