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Brooke blogs “The Office”: A Dunder Mifflin Christmas

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Last night on “The Office,” the folks at Dunder Mifflin‘s Scranton branch had their annual Christmas party. Is anyone surprised that it was a full-blown Christmas party complete with Santa, Jesus, a tree and ornaments instead of the PC, generic “holiday” party that every other office throws at this time of year?


I didn’t think so.

While I was impressed by the lack of drunken shenanigans, the episode was actually pretty dull. The action centered around Michael pitching a huge, hour-plus fit because Jim allowed Phyllis to be Santa. He set up his own chair and tried to get everyone to sit on his lap. He heckled Santa Phyllis as she handed out gifts. He even turned his suit inside out and tried to be Jesus and trump Santa with the “true meaning of Christmas.” Essentially, it was the sort of ridiculousness we’ve all come to expect from anything involving Michael Scott.

Ridiculousness, though, seems to be a theme at holiday parties, both in the real world and on TV. The form it takes simply varies based on the culture of the office, or show, involved. That’s why we get a proliferation of articles advising how to behave and dress at these end-of-year shindigs.

Do you have any advice that you haven’t seen in writing yet this year? What sort of insanity have you seen at holiday parties in years past? Share here and give us all something to laugh and/or think about!

Missed sharing the holiday episode? Watch it free online.

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