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Brooke blogs “The Office”: There are no kings in business

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OK, maybe a president or CEO could be considered a king, but that’s not where I’m going with this.

On last night’s episode of “The Office,” the gang at Dunder Mifflin‘s Scranton branch found itself warring as a result of Sabre‘s “sales is king” policy, which the sales team let go to their heads in a major way.

Dwight, Jim and the other sales staff members decided that the policy meant they were the best and everyone else needed to work to accommodate and assist them. Not surprisingly, everyone else did not appreciate their take on the situation.

Michael again whined about changes taking place since Sabre took over, saying that the policy had been, “Make friends first. Make sales second. Make love third … In no particular order.”

It’s apparent that “make friends” is not even on the list anymore, so Michael decides his job as manager is to teach the sales staff a lesson.

The lesson-teaching results in the loss of some of the very expensive sales leads that Sabre purchased for the branch to use, and insanity follows. Fortunately, by the end of the episode, the sales staffers do learn something, remember their manners and smooths things over with pastries and a pinch of niceness.

The lesson for us in the real world is that businesses operate on teamwork. While it’s true that sales makes the sales that bring in the money, and developers create new products that can be sold to bring in more money, businesses need accountants, customer service representatives and a whole host of other people to operate. If you take away some of those people, or treat them like second-class citizens, it’s not good for business.

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