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Brooke blogs “The Office”: “Where’s the off button on this moron?”

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In this week’s episode of “The Office,” Michael gets invited to attend the Dunder Mifflin shareholder meeting in New York City because he is the failing company’s best branch manager. He is thrilled about what he believes to be a great honor and over the moon when he discovers that corporate sent a limo to pick him up instead of a Town Car.

“Town Cars suck. Town Car is something that a company sends when they’re in trouble,” Michael says, adding way more significance to the vehicle than it deserved. “A limousine is something that a company sends when they have cause for celebration. And in this case I think we are celebrating me.”

Michael finds the celebration to be short-lived when he, the board members and executives walk out onto the stage at the meeting and are greeted by loud booing from the audience.

“This is not as much fun as I thought it would be,” Michael whispers to David Wallace.

“It was fun when we weren’t on the brink of bankruptcy,” Wallace whispers back.

Then into the live microphone in front of him, Michael exclaims, “We’re going bankrupt you think?”

The audience gasps and all hell breaks loose.

“You’re criminals,” shouts one man.

“Hey! Hey!” interrupts Michael. “I’m sorry. These are not criminals. They are nice!” He backs up his assertion by telling the enraged audience about how the executives and board members invited him into their hospitality suite and gave him free, delicious food. Then he tells about how they sent a stretch limo to pick him up and drive him from Scranton.

That leads to more rage and someone yells, “You’re all corrupt and should be in jail.”

Never one to enjoy hatred, or even dislike, Michael rallies the crowd by telling them that the company has a 45-day plan to get back on track.

Everyone cheers, except the executives and directors because they know there is no plan and Michael has just dug their hole a bit closer to the abyss.

“He’s our best manager?” asks the CEO. “Where’s the off button on this moron?”

Michael objects and tells the CEO that he’s the moron.

The executives and board members are sick of Michael and one says, “He can take the bus; he’s had his limo ride.”

With that, Michael takes off running before they can send the limo home without him.

“Where’s the off button on this moron?” I know I’ve asked myself that question plenty of times in the workplace and I’m guessing many of you out there have, too.

Aside from not inviting these sorts to stand up at shareholder meetings, what do you do about them? Share your ideas here.

If you missed Michael make a mess of the shareholder meeting, just tune in to watch for free online.

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