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Brooke blogs “The Office”: Whose business is it?

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Last night on “The Office” everyone is outraged that Michael is still seeing Donna after discovering she is married, and they don’t hold back from telling him as much.

Michael in turn is outraged at being judged and asks, “Since when is this an office where we delve into each other’s personal business?” Then he proceeds to point out that Stanley has cheated on his wife and that Angela cheated on Andy with Dwight right under Andy’s nose.


The rest of the episode revolves around the gang’s attempts — especially Andy’s — to show Michael how immoral and potentially hurtful to Donna’s husband Michael is being.

Moral or immoral, is it really any of their business? That’s hard to say.

By strange coincidence, a similar issue came up in the first question of Slate’s Dear Prudence advice column Thursday. In that case, the married person and the single hooking up with him were co-workers in the same office and were carrying on their relationship during work hours — often in the office — and everyone knew but his wife.

Prudence did a good job of explaining the complexities of the situation, why it’s such a tough question of whose business it really is, and what co-workers should and shouldn’t do about it.

What would you want to do in this situation? If you’re a manager, what would you want your employees to do in this situation?

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