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Company uses survey to aid data gathering for event

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In preparation for the Feb. 24 event hosted by wool.labs, SmartBrief and MISI at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, wool.labs is rolling out a survey for anyone in the medical field — including patients — to take.

The survey aims to gather data on the event’s main topic: patient adherence with regard to medications and treatments.

The survey questions were honed using data from wool.labs’ WebDig tool, which pulled relevant conversations on adherence issues from the Internet on blogs, forums, social media sites and other websites. The goal, according to wool.labs, is provide as much dialed-in data as possible to give those in the industry a better reason why patients choose — or don’t choose — to listen to their physicians.

One focus of the survey is whether those responding believe social media interactions affect patient adherence, and to what degree. The survey builds upon research and conversation began at the first wool.labs event on the topic in Philadelphia in the fall of 2010. Data collected from this “crowdsourcing” project will then be used as wool.labs tackles related issues throughout 2011 to build a thorough analysis, defining some of the key “whys” in today’s health care world.

To take the survey — the results of which will be available to participants — click here. To find out more about the February event, the proceeds of which will benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation, go here.

Image credit: danesteffes, via iStockPhoto