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Crafting a social-media policy? Be specific

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At this summer’s Buzz 2010 event on social-media for associations, best-selling author and columnist Alexandra Levit discussed the importance of having a specific social-media policy to empower a company’s employees and mitigate risk. Levit noted that companies should have a policy because having employees contribute to social media is a good thing, as they are a company’s greatest source of loyalty and are its best advocates.

The top tip for crafting a social-media policy: Be specific.

Other advice:

  • Lay out information that can and cannot be shared (proprietary or damaging information, libelous information, information with legal implications, et cetera).
  • Identify the players who are allowed to communicate on behalf of the company on social-media sites and who will be monitoring the conversation.
  • Educate to empower employees. Create a training program to make sure everyone is on the same page.


If you missed the Buzz2010 series of events on social media for associations, recordings have been made of all three events. Get more details here.