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Financial leaders don’t expect a government shutdown

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From the exclusive new SmartBrief/Ipsos Leadership Index on April 7, 2011.

Although much of Washington, and roughly half the nation are betting that the budget negotiations between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans will fail and the federal government will shut down tomorrow, almost three-quarters of the nation’s financial leaders disagree.

Here are the results from the exclusive SmartBrief/Ipsos survey of 850 financial leaders, taken between March 28 and April 5:

Q. How likely do you think each of the following are to happen, based on your own experience or expertise? (Select one for each row)

In contrast, the predictive website Intrade, reported that early Thursday, that after late night talks between Obama and congressional leaders failed to produce an agreement, its participants thought there was a 61% chance of a government shutdown.

These results are taken from an online survey of 850 financial leaders conducted by the international polling and market research firm Ipsos, between March 28 and April 5, 2011. The survey was sent to readers of the SIFMA, SIFMAGlobal, NYSSA, FSR, FIA, ELFA and CBA SmartBriefs; other financial executives, including CFOs; and other SmartBrief subscribers who identify themselves as working in finance. The survey is comprised a wide range of questions, only one of which is presented above, and a sample of this size is subject to a margin of error of plus or minus 4%. The full results of the SmartBrief/Ipsos Leadership Index will be available next week.