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How are you diversifying your social presence?

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In the lead story of today’s SmartBrief on Social Media, Craig Daitch makes the argument that Facebook alternatives have become necessary in light of changes to the way Facebook handles personal data.

Daitch is reacting to recent events, but many social experts would argue that diversification would be an important part of a social-media strategy even if Facebook were doing everything right.

Brian Solis’ famous Conversation Prism, for example, builds on the idea that a social strategy should be based on the kind of connections you’re trying to make, rather than tied to a specific technology. Regardless of how you feel about Facebook’s privacy policies, diversification can be a powerful way to increase the impact of your social efforts.

How many social networks does your social strategy involve? Are you looking at adding or removing social networks from your strategy? What criteria are you using to decide when your social strategy needs to adapt?

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