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How ConAgra uses social media to manage its consumer brands

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In early May, Genevieve Mazzeo, manager of public relations and social media at ConAgra Foods, spoke with SmartBrief’s Jesse Stanchak at BlogWell D.C. presented by Mazzeo spoke about how ConAgra, the maker of brands such as Orville Redenbacher, Healthy Choice and Slim Jim, uses social media to build relationships with its various consumers.

(Full disclosure: CEO Andy Sernovitz regularly contributes to this blog and serves as the editor at large for SmartBrief on Social Media.)

With more than 50 consumer-facing brands, ConAgra’s social media strategy has to be approached in a specific, purposeful way that meets the needs of each individual consumer. What works to attract a base of Slim Jim fans may not necessarily translate to Healthy Choice buyers, Mazzeo said.

Some aspects of ConAgra’s strategy include:

  • Shape content that’s specific to the audience in question. Mazzeo said ConAgra looks to the community to see what’s important to them. By understanding what exactly the consumer is looking for, the company can better address their concerns on a brand-by-brand basis.
  • Brand community managers should be a reflection of the audience. Community managers should have personalities and attributes that are specific to the brand. Authentic voices that truly represent the concerns of the community can help facilitate an honest conversation.
  • Measure social media success by asking questions. In addition to monitoring engagement and page views, Mazzeo says surveys are an integral part of understanding whether ConAgra’s social media strategy has truly affected a consumer’s decision-making.

See the rest of Mazzeo’s interview below: