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How Georgia-Pacific uses social media to recruit college grads

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Georgia-Pacific manufactures more tissue, pulp, paper, packaging and building products than just about anyone. It has more than 40,000 employees across North America, South America and Europe.

In August, Meg Fligg and her team were exploring ways they could use social media to connect with college students. They discovered that next to football, students love talking about jobs — and jobs happen to be something Georgia-Pacific has a lot of.

But where to start? Should they use existing Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to start promoting openings? Should they start new ones?

In her BlogWell presentation, Fligg walked us through all of the challenges they faced and how they’re making it work. A few of her take-aways:

  • Go where students already are. In the middle of trying to figure out how to best use their existing communities, Fligg and her team had an epiphany: The schools they were targeting already had online communities. They just needed to find the best ways to join them.
  • Do your homework. For the 20 schools Georgia-Pacific targeted, Fligg and her team spent time researching everything from mascots to how the students communicated with one another. This made their messaging much more meaningful to the students they were reaching out to.
  • Support the online conversation with offline recruiting. At each school targeted, Georgia-Pacific participated in career fairs and recruiting events — and a key measure tracked was how much it was able to increase traffic to its booth at these events.

Watch Fligg’s case study. Slides are available.