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How to leverage Twitter’s Vine app for B2B content marketing

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By now you have probably heard of Twitter’s new video-sharing application called Vine. If not, here is a quick snapshot.

Users can record motion and sound clips from their iOS phones and upload the newly created video via the app to share on Twitter or the Vine environment itself. Each video can be tagged with keywords and hashtags, and users can like and comment your post, similar to other video-sharing sites.

What makes Vine different? It’s all about the length restriction. Each video is limited to six seconds in length and will loop continuously after it is published.

While the coverage of the Vine app lately has been largely negative, due to privacy bugs and controversial adult content, there are incredible opportunities out there for businesses willing to experiment with the app.

10 video ideas for B2B companies just getting started with Vine:

  1. Showcase the building and grounds of your company’s headquarters.
  2. Use stop-motion animation to deliver an exciting company announcement.
  3. Show the steps it take to make your flagship product.
  4. Humanize your brand by introducing your employees.
  5. Encourage customers to showcase how they use your products with a Vine video and reward them with prizes or giveaways.
  6. Create video clips from a charity event or corporate outing your company has organized.
  7. Highlight a video testimonial: Ask your customers what three words they would use to describe your company.
  8. Create teasers for upcoming webinars, events or trade shows.
  9. Create a Vine campaign series; for example, how to install your product in four easy, six-second steps.
  10. Animate the cover page of (or data chart within) case studies, white papers or reports, promoting the full document in an engaging way.

The six-second length restriction of the videos promotes creativity with unusual forms, such as with the use of stop-motion animation or a quick screenshot montage. What’s more, the interface is simple to use and the app’s integration with Twitter allows for easy sharing and high reach potential.

While Vine is still in its infancy, adopting another social tool can help showcase your business, humanize your brand and increase your awareness. Experimenting with Vine can only be a beneficial addition to any company’s marketing mix.

Kristen Galli is a senior social media strategist at The Targeted Group.