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Lessons from David Plouffe

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Today’s guest post is from Susan Kim, a senior account director at SmartBrief.

I eat, drink and sleep all things gadget and virtual, and I love to go to the Consumer Electronics Association‘s conferences. This year, CEA lassoed the campaign genius behind President Barack Obama’s road to Washington, David Plouffe, to speak at its Washington Forum.

As I took notes (on my iPhone no less) during his keynote, I found myself considering how Plouffe’s advice about campaigns could help me reach my goals. My business may not be the White House, but it’s important to me (and my company) that I’m recognized by my clients as trustworthy, visible, reachable, approachable and fair, right?

Here were a few of my favorite takeaways from  Plouffe’s presentation:

  • Establish your message and stick to it. Don’t waiver.
  • Following through is critical; people will notice when you don’t.
  • Don’t be afraid to share “secret” information. Your opponent probably knows anyway.
  • Determine what technology really suits your message and desired outcome.

Some solid remarks from a man who clearly took a chance on his personal beliefs, his party and a candidate many people didn’t think could win.  Now I’m going to see what I can do to formulate my own chance at a “White House” dream.

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