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ListenFirst: Lego was most highly engaged brand in Q2, fueled by YouTube

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Everything is awesome for Lego. With over 189 million engagements, including 184 million on its YouTube channel alone, Lego was the brand with which consumers were the most highly engaged throughout the second quarter of 2015, according to the ListenFirst Digital Engagement Ratings (DER).

For this analysis, we studied the owned, earned, or organic consumer behavior across Facebook, Google+, etc for the Redbooks 500 — a cohort of companies based on a weighting of variables, including brands’ revenue, advertising spend, and social media engagement.

This quarter, Lego’s social channels were very content-heavy, with Lego sharing more than 700 new pieces of content, with a special focus on YouTube content. The content that accumulated the most views and engagements on Lego’s official YouTube channel were a series of promotional videos for “Jurassic World” with the video “A Day in the Life at Jurassic World” standing as the top post across all channels for the quarter when it accumulated over 3.2 million interactions.

“Lego was able to find success in the second quarter by effectively leveraging their relationships with different film and television franchises, such as ‘Jurassic World’ and ‘Star Wars,’ as a way to make sure their product stays relevant with their target consumer and draft off the value of these pop culture icons,” said Jason Klein, Co-CEO and co-founder of ListenFirst Media.

MTV, Hasbro, the NFL, and Coca-Cola rounded out rest of the top five brands for the second quarter. See graph below for the top 20 DER brands for the quarter:

Though brands in the Toys/Gaming industry were dominant in the top 10 (Lego, Hasbro, Nintendo), the Food and Beverage industry had the largest share of engagement overall among all sectors. See below for the top 5 industries:

The below breaks down the best performing content by platform:

  • YouTube  Not only was Gillette’s video promoting their Gillette Body razor the highest performing post on YouTube but it was also the highest performing post across all channels of Q2. However, even with strong support from video views, the brand did not make it into the top 20 DER brands this quarter.
  • Instagram — The top post in Instagram from the entire quarter came from Victoria’s Secret, and featured a model dressed in new loungewear as a way to announce the new variety of product.
  • Twitter — Denny’s tweet including a play on words of the current radio hit “Flick of the Wrist” came out as the most engaging tweet of the quarter. Denny’s, whose Twitter account often is full of pop culture puns, added their own little spin to the popular lyric “look at the flick of the wrist” by changing it to “look at the flick of the grits.”
  • Facebook — Kleenex topped the Facebook leaderboard with a video featuring a man and his canine companion from their Messages of Care campaign, even though it was posted only a week before the quarter ended (June 24)
  • Wikipedia — Facebook as a brand had the highest Wikipedia search volume. Facebook  search volume on Wikipedia peaked on June 18 when news circulated that regulators in Europe banned its new facial recognition app due to privacy concerns

One of the biggest movers in DER of the second quarter was Payless ShoeSource, as DER increased by 10,000% from Q1. The majority of Payless engagements came from YouTube, as the store utilized the channel over the quarter as a way to push sales and promotions. This promotional video for their sandal sale in early June garnered over 4.5 million engagements for the channel.

Jonathan Farb is the chief product officer at ListenFirst Media, a data and analytics company that helps brands make sense of the vast amount of data at their fingertips, predict outcomes, and optimize performance.