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Live from AGC’s annual convention: Leading in the age of social media

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A leader listens, engages and creates dialogue through social media to leverage “relationship economics,” David Nour, managing partner of the Nour Group, said at AGC’s Annual Convention in Las Vegas.

Nour talked about why  businesses need to have a presence online — to help educate potential clients, customers and partners, as well as to move them to the prospect stage.

“You’ve got to differentiate yourself,” he said. “Share the good, the bad and the ugly.” People searching you out are looking for specifics that relate to them. Sure, they might care about some of your past projects, but what they really want to know about is what problems you faced and how you got around them. This way, they know you’re not just giving them another spiel, he said.

The best way to start is to determine the business goals for your social campaign. Then, create a “strategic relationship plan,” Nour said. Identify relevant stakeholders and sources of insight. Engage with them with unique value add. Deliver to them an exceptional experience. Become part of their circle and make it as diverse as possible to accommodate a global marketplace.

He closed his segment by saying: “The relationships you choose to invest in will define your company’s future.”

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